18. apríl 2022

Introduction on ZOOM: GEOFOOD, the brand that connects geoparks, people, nature and food!

Wednesday at 12 GMT on ZOOM 
*What role does GEOFOOD play in the sustainable development of UNESCO Global Geoparks and how can producers and companies involve GEOFOOD to enhance their local offer?*
The GEOfood brand is an international initiative lead by Magma Geopark, Norway and managed by Sara Gentilini, founder of GEOFOOD!
GEOfood empowers local communities within UNESCO Global Geoparks by promoting sustainable use of resources while raising awareness on the importance of km-zero food (carbon footprint).
At present, the GEOFOOD brand is being utilised by 32 territories worldwide, with over 100 enterprises involving GEOfood branding in their local offer. There are several educational activities in place, and a Global Research project (IGCp 726) is running to strengthen its values along with supporting its establishment among new partners.
In this online presentation, Sara will introduce the concept of GEOFOOD and how it links together the geology, people, heritage and local food of each area, creating a unique local offer. She will give some examples from other areas on how the GEOfood brand is being used.
Katla Geopark has recently joined GEOfood and will introduce its new partners as well.
About the presenter: Sara Gentilini is the founder of the GEOFOOD concept, she is a PhD candidate, historian, archeologist, and holds a degree in EU Law. She has been working with Magma Geopark in Norway for many years but her roots lie in Italy!
Magma Geopark and Katla Geopark have worked together on numerous projects, more can be read at the website: www.geofood.no