26. febrúar 2020

Öskudagurinn / Ash Wednesday

Hlökkum til að sjá sem flesta í söngstuði en opið er til klukkan 16:00 á skrifstofunni. 

Today is Ash Wednesday to the Catholic world at large. It is the first day of Lent, the long period of fasting leading up to Easter. In Iceland, this day is Öskudagur, literally “ashes day”, and has little to do with fasting or religion anymore.

Today, Öskudagur is characterised by the charming sight of children wandering around town in costumes. They will visit places of business and ask for candy. While this has led many people to compare the holiday to Halloween, the similarities between Halloween and Öskudagur extend no further than costumes and candy. (Read more about icelandic traditions - Iceland Magazine)

The offices at Austurvegur 4 are open until 16:00 (4 PM). We look forward to enjoy your singing and costumes!

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